5 Ways to Help Prevent Mosquito Bites

Prevent mosquito bites

Mosquitoes have always been considered one of the most annoying insects. With additional concerns about West Nile virus and Zika virus, finding ways to stop mosquitoes is becoming more important.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale and our body heat. Once they get close, mosquitoes will also respond to the scent of a potential blood source. Here are five ways to help keep mosquitoes away this summer:


1. Use mosquito repellent

Most people turn to mosquito repellent, but it's important to choose the type. Appropriate and often applied. The Centers for Disease Control recommends using repellents containing DEET, picaridin, IR3535, some lemon oil, eucalyptus, and para-menthan-diol, as they provide long-lasting protection. These products are registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency for use as a repellent when applied to skin and clothing.

Repellents containing permethrin should only be used on clothing, shoes, bed nets and camping gear. Permethrin is both a repellent and an insecticide, and it can also repel ticks.

2. Wear long sleeves and long pants

From dusk to dawn are peak times for mosquito bites. If you're outside during this time, wear a light long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and spray your clothes with repellents.

3. Clean Your Garden

Removing standing water and trimming trailing edges can go a long way in reducing the number of mosquitoes in your backyard. Remove any standing water from flower pots, buckets, pool covers, discarded tires, and birdbaths. Clean the rain gutters regularly, and if you have a rain barrel, pour a quarter cup of vegetable oil into the barrel weekly and after every storm, thus killing mosquito larvae.

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It is also important for pruning bushes and shrubs, as well as cutting grass, because when mosquitoes do not find a source of blood, they feed on plant nectar.

4. Consider Mosquito Repellent Plants

There are many plants that repel mosquitoes naturally including catnip, lavender, marigold, basil, peppermint, lemongrass, and wreath. Mountain and garlic. Planting them near your yard or around your front and back door will help reduce the number of mosquitoes.

5. Change your diet

Studies have shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to people who emit more lactic acid from their skin. Certain foods, such as beer, potassium-rich foods, salty snacks, and sweets, are known to increase lactic acid. Avoid foods rich in potassium such as bananas, potatoes, peaches, raisins, beans, avocado, and spinach when you are outdoors. Sodium increases the amount of lactic acid your body produces as well, so avoid potato chips, roasted peanuts, and other salty snacks. Foods that repel mosquitoes are garlic and vinegar.