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4 Fun Family Car Games to Survive a Road Trip

4 Fun Family Car Games to Survive a Road Trip

father and kids playing a family car game

If you are a parent, the thought of a long summer car ride has the power to strike fear into your heart. Not the traffic or the cost of gas is a scary thing. It's the prospect of keeping kids entertained for hours on end. This is why having a few family car games ready to go can be a lifesaver on a road trip.

Here are some car games for kids that can make the miles go faster and create a little family bonding in the process:

1. Barn, Bike, Beetle!

In this observation game, the first person to discover a barn, a bike (your choice if motorcycles matter or not count) and a Volkswagen Beetle win. Change the discovery elements to work for your surroundings.

2. Association

One person says a word and the next person says whatever comes to mind. Hold around the car for as long as you like. For example, one player might say “blue,” which would cause the second player to say “water,” which would cause the next person to say “beach house!” The beauty of the game is that there are no right or wrong answers, and everyone can play.

3. Twenty Questions

A classic family car game, Twenty Question is a simple game that can produce hours of fun. Take turns thinking about some kind of thing; It could be a person, animal, food, or anything in between. For younger children, you may want to create a specific category to make the game a little easier. Players can then get 20 yes or no questions and then have to guess the secret thing.

4. I Spy

I Spy is a great car game for young kids because of its simplicity. One person chooses something from the surroundings and gives a hint. Then everyone takes turns guessing the mysterious thing. Don't forget the signature phrase, “I'm spying with my little eyes” before giving an idea!

Safety First

While family car games can be a welcome addition to a road trip, safety always comes first. Ensure that the person driving the vehicle maintains his full focus on the road at all times and is not distracted by passengers playing a game. Here are more essential driving safety tips to keep in mind on your next road trip.

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