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6 Shed Makeover Ideas to Transform Your Space

6 Shed Makeover Ideas to Transform Your Space

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Barns need not be just a storage space for garden tools and bikes. They can be an extension of the homeowner's living space. In the right hands, 120 square feet will never look very good or add much.

“A shed is that vacant space outside your home that can be used for just about anything, if you're creative,” says Daniel Glick, owner of Glick Woodworks in Mountjoy, Pennsylvania.

There are hundreds of ways to make a shed for you. Some innovative ideas include:

Backyard Bar

Create a backyard bar that makes your backyard a fun space. Open those doors wide and invite guests to the bar with some new funky seating. Add twinkle lights and an iPod dock with speakers to finish off the perfect party shed.

Library in a Shed

For a home that has run out of bookshelves, insulate a shed to protect books and add built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Fill the shelves with your favorite books or all the new books you've been wanting to read. Add a chair or two and some plants for good air. Now you have a relaxing holiday reading that doesn't take long to get to.

Games Room

Tired of hearing your teens say there's nothing to do? Fill a shed with a bumper pool table, and plenty of board games including the latest card games like Munchkin and Fluxx. Add a small fridge stocked with soda, water, and snacks to feed your hungry teens and they'll likely stay in your backyard where you can watch them from a respectful distance.


Keeping valuables in the attic serves no purpose. Pull them outside and set up a shed that displays the years you spent collecting them. Make the shed a place for vintage music with turntables and album cases built on the walls. Frame old posters and albums, add two comfy chairs and invite your parents and friends for a walk down memory lane. If motorcycles are your thing, make the shed a bike show. Add vintage motorcycle posters and calendars to accentuate the atmosphere.

Music Room

Always wanted to bring out the old trumpet or drums from the back in the sweetness of the old days? Do you want your children or spouse to have a private place to practice their tools? Insulate the shed and make it waterproof, then add soft rugs and bean bags. Frame your favorite music to hang on the walls. Build shelves for instruments and music books.

Art Studio

Artists have roughness. Their profession often requires a lot of tools but few people have the kind of artist studio needed to inspire creativity. Your backyard shed is the place to organize your paint, yarn, or woodworking supplies. Build bookshelves to accommodate everything you need. Then add a tall table to create and be sure to leave some space on the wall for inspiring art.

Your backyard shed can bring new life to your home and bring joy to your family. And if the space no longer works for you, you can take everything out and put it back on a blank canvas.

one last thing. Review homeowner's insurance and liability insurance with your agent, especially if you're putting valuable electronic equipment, musical instruments, or family treasures in your new shed.

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