Tiny Trailer Enthusiasts Hit the Road When the Next Teardrop Calls

teardrops and tiny trailers

When teardrop trailers first appeared in the late 1930s, they captured the imagination of a nation that was discovering paved roads, the excitement of the road trip, and the joy of camping. Today, these little labels are making a big comeback, and there's no indication that their popularity will fade any time soon. , chief operating officer of Little Guy Teardrop Camper/Trailer in Massillon, Ohio. “But now we're on shows like 'The Price Is Right' and 'The House is Free.' There is a lot of interest.”

The little campers get their name from their distinctive teardrop-shaped profile. It's small enough to be easily towed by a car or even a motorcycle, and light enough to be moved around by hand.

“It's lightweight and easy enough to move around, but it's also 'off the ground until you feel safe,'” says Bohm. It's back and today a growing number of enthusiasts are enjoying 'teardrop style.' The initial frenzy was born when Magazines began publishing 'do-it-yourself' plans for building mini-trailers. Americans found them irresistible, and by the end of the 1940s nearly thirty American manufacturers were making sheds. Trailers could be purchased as whole, finished products, or as kits; do-it-yourselfers could buy “Ambition plans and build one from scratch.

Lightweight trailer production peaked in the 1950s, but then, with big trailers, campers, and eventually recreational vehicles entering the market, the tears were forgotten.

Today, buyers of tears include all age groups.

“Our demographic is everywhere,” Baum says. “We don't depend on a particular group. Our ideal client is anyone who wants to enjoy camping, doesn't want to do an RV thing, and wants to keep their current vehicle.

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More than two dozen companies in America build custom teardrops, allowing buyers to choose the amenities and accessories that matter to them. Most teardrops are about four feet high, four feet wide, and eight feet long, although some It's up to 10 feet tall and others may be smaller.The global online community, with blogs, websites, and forums dedicated to different aspects of the lifestyle is teardrop-shaped.

There are even “gatherings” of campers who meet in Weekend (or longer) events; Each year, Little Guy hosts TearStock, a “rolling house tour” that brings owners together for food, music, wine tasting – and of course admiring each other's trailers. Baum says this year's meeting drew about 150 participants.

State and regional branches of Teardrop Clubs also meet on a semi-regular basis. Teardrop organizations across the country,” says Bohm. “There are so many customizations today that people just want to see what other people are doing. There is a feeling that you are part of something much cooler than most people have.”

Think big, live on a small scale

Trailers can hold up to a king-size mattress, and Baum says people have been surprised to see how much space there is inside. A small chuck cart-style kitchen with a gas stove, a stainless steel sink, a water tank and an ice chest enough to make meals, but don't plan a dinner party. Plan to park near the bathroom when you stop at night, though, because there's no room for such luxury in a teardrop. A few days, those who are willing to buy have a number of options. Forums and sites like Craigslist are a good source for used trailers, or you can buy a kit for just $2,500 and build it yourself. Prices for the new Teardrop start around $5,000, although they can more than double the prices of replicas of the trailers of the 1940s and 1950s.

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“You can go online and watch videos, but the best thing is Boom advises. “It's important to crawl inside one if you want to understand what it's all about.”