Top RV Parks and Campgrounds in America

Group of people at RV park

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, RVs are growing in popularity with more than eight million owners across the United States as well as thousands of U.S. campgrounds now offering recreational RV accommodations. For those who own an RV – or want to own one – you probably already know that these vehicles are great for anything from a weekend camping to a month-long trip to top US destinations

whatever Whatever vacation destination suits your style or taste, you'll find it behind the wheel of an RV. RV locations that cater to travelers run the spectrum from the roughest to the most refined.


Back Hills, South Dakota

If you're looking for the natural camper van to escape modern technology, consider HorseThiff Lake Campground in Black Hills, South Dakota. This family owned and operated campground transports you back to the simple days when all you had to do was enjoy the great outdoors. And if you'd like to explore further, Mount Rushmore is only a few miles away.

Groveland, CA

Near Yosemite National Park is Yosemite Pines RV Park, an affordable and kid-friendly place with a variety of amenities for you and your family . In addition to outdoor activities, such as mountain biking and swimming, kids will love the alpaca-filled petting zoo and the historic Gold Rush town.

Alberta, Alabama

New to the RV scene and not ready to give up on hotel amenities? Lake Osprey RV Country Club, a luxury RV resort, balances stunning scenery for nature fanatics with endless amenities. Located in Elberta, Alabama, the resort features an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, pool, and free WiFi.

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South Haven, Michigan

With The South Haven Sunny Brook RV Resort in southwestern Michigan has been rated “Excellent” by Campground reviews, and by It is clearly very popular among RVers. The 65-acre resort has a private lake, kayaking expeditions, fitness centers, and scenic hiking trails. Guests can also take advantage of an extensive event calendar filled with music, competitions and food. Another advantage? The resort is located near beautiful Lake Michigan.

Bisbee, Arizona

Keen to go on an RV trip, but lack the necessitieslike cart entertainment? Not a problem. Shady Dell RV Park in Bisbee, Arizona, offers travelers a selection of nine restored vintage RVs. If you are looking for a quiet time and privacy, this might be the option for you, since the crowds are kept small and the noise level is kept to a minimum.

RV Safety Tips for Planning Your Trips

If you can test drive an RV in a relatively vacant parking lot, do so. A larger car will handle differently, so practice turning, stopping, and backing up. Drive and accelerate slowly, leaving four to five times the stopping and tracking distance you would in a car.

The rental cart may look spacious, but take a second look. Limit the number of people that can safely accommodate the RV. Unless you're staying at campgrounds that have bathrooms, you'll want to make sure one bathroom and common areas fit your group for the time being. To avoid feeling cramped, the entire resort's campgrounds have clean bathrooms with showers and activities for all ages, although these usually come at an additional cost.

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While you may want to explore the entire nation on one trip, be realistic about how much travel you should pack. Even driving a luxury RV can drain after many miles. Make sure to plan ahead by choosing the right routes and not to be overly ambitious about the number of miles traveled each day.

Choose from luxury to the exclusive outdoors. And to help make your trip safe and enjoyable, take a look at your RV's checklist before you hit the highway.

Before you pack your RV, make sure you and your vehicle are protected. Make sure your RV insurance coverage is up to date so you can relax and enjoy your adventure.